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At FiveKitchen AB, we work with the major leading producers within each product portfolio area and can choose independently the alternative that is best suited for each customer’s specific needs.

Business concept

Food of all kinds is produced in kitchens. The right choice of ingredients and product concept creates opportunities as well as safety. Quality gives security, and nuances create a profile. Natural processes can be developed with bacterial cultures.

FiveKitchens produktportfölj:
  • Bacterial cultures

    For producers within the areas of meat, fish, bread, vegetables, as well as probiotic applications. Specific bacterial cultures counteracting the growth of listeria in fish and shellfish.
  • Taste systems

    Natural ingredients in customer adapted systems and mixes. Clean broth and stock products without additives.
  • Taste and texture systems

    Complete systems for industrial processes as well as private label concepts.

home kitchen

With today’s increasing pace and constant decrease in meal relationships, there is a great need for products that can give fulfillment regarding experience and excitement as well as health, on weekdays and on weekends.

Our services

  • Development and sales of private label products to wholesale companies.
  • Assistance with concept development for home kitchens.

retail kitchen

Today, we encounter more and more grocery stores that are starting to invest in retail kitchens with readymade dishes, BBQ, and soups on the menu. It is becoming more and more common to buy lunch from a grocery store kitchen.

Our services

  • Product development and sales of simple and complex products.
  • Concept development of new trends and ideas, and of cleaner products with fewer additives.

service kitchen

With today’s increasing pace, home meal replacement is becoming more and more common. Lunch restaurants are increasing in numbers, as well as large-scale kitchens.

Our services

  • Product development and sales of simple and complex products such as broths, gravies, and soups.
  • Concept development focusing on cleaner products and fewer additives.

industry kitchen

High quality manufactured food will play an important role in future meal patterns. Products that are of a cleaner nature, without a great number of additives, are on the rise. The food industry is evolving, constantly creating new and innovative processes and products. Today, many traditional food producers focus more and more on comprehensive concepts rather than single product areas.

Our Services

  • Product development and sales of single and complex products within the areas of taste and texture. Natural and cleaner products with fewer additives.
  • Bacterial cultures for applications within the areas of meat, fish, vegetables, and bread, as well as probiotic cultures.
  • Specific bacterial cultures counteracting listeria in fish and shellfish.
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dairy kitchen

Today, the traditional dairy industry has developed in the direction of becoming food producers with products that play an ever greater part in the daily meal plan – products that are becoming a part of the everyday food intake.

Our services

  • Product development and sales of simple and complex products that can create a broader product selection within the traditional dairy process.


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